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sftp quick-start - bundle of all packages required to install OpenSSH including sftp, scp, and keygen

Port Authors: Mark BixbyKen Hirsh, Mark Klein, Others
Package Bundle Assembled and Maintained by: Brian Edminster (email)
Licence: Various (see individual packages)
Versions: Varous (see individual packages)

This bundled 'quick-start' set of packages to make installing ssh/sftp easier - was the end result of having to install ssh/sftp on a large number of systems.  In short - an easier way than to fetch and move all the required files was necessary.

The solution was to create a MPE/iX 'store-to-disk' format file in Reflecton 'wrq' Labels format to simplify the install process. 

In short, just download the 'quick-start' package to your PC, transfer the file to your target 3000 via Reflection 'Labels' format, and then do a MPE/iX Restore to put the components into the /tmp directory your server. 

At that point, just pick up at Step 3 of the installation instructions graciously compiled and hosted by Beechglen Development, Inc.  In case these become unavailable, try the copy I've set aside here

One of the 'additional requirements' mentioned in Step 3 is that DNS be properly configured.  I've found that Mark Bixby's 'dnscheck.sh' (shell script to verify and/or diagnose issues w/DNS setups - including describing what must be done to fix whatever is found to be wrong).

If you have questions or problems with the install - I'll do what I can to help, but I didn't port the 'bits and pieces', I just assembled them into a convenient form.  email any install questions here.

If you have questions about how to integrate sftp or scp into existing processes or applications, feel free to contact me via my consulting company (see sidebar for link to website and here's my company: email   I'll be happy to discuss a possible consulting engagement appropriate to satistify your needs)

At this time, the store-to-disk file contains the following files and versions:

:file std=ssh4sftp.qkstart;dev=disc

:vstore *std;/;show               
                    (C) 1986 HEWLETT-PACKARD CO.


TUE, SEP 20, 2011,  1:18 PM

WILL VERIFY         7 FILES          ; NUMBER OF FILES ON MEDIA        7 

DISC                        :C     288            1 /tmp/Digest-1.14.tar.gz
DISC                        :C     416            1 /tmp/Digest-SHA1-2.10.tar.gz
DISC                        :C  148208            1 /tmp/gcc-3.4.2.bin
DISC                        :C     304            1 /tmp/install.tar
DISC                        :C   39552            1 /tmp/openssh-3.7.1p2.mpe-full.tar.gz
DISC                        :C   27232            1 /tmp/openssl-0.9.6a-mpe.tar.Z
DISC                        :C   77120            1 /tmp/perl-5.6.1-mpe.tar.Z

FILES VERIFIED :                               7 

NOTE: the versions of Digest, Digest-SHA1, and the other listed components may be *newer* than those referenced in the Beechglen instructions. Please adjust filenames used in their instructions accordingly.Quick-start kit download formats:

ssh4sftp.qkstart.std.wrq (Note: file is ~71.3Mb)

(POSIX tar and Minisoft 'ms92' format files available on special request)

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